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Saturday, May 14, 2011   
 M2  Safram Speed Tour 2011  Grand Prix EGestion  Grandson  Day 1
An perfect 15-20 kn North-Easterly on Lake Neuch√Ętel greeted the 15 M2-28 foot- catamarans on their opening event of the 2011 Safram Speed Tour. Five spectacular races were sailed, and the local matador Luis Sanjuan took the lead with his 'KSR' followed by Yann Guichard FRA on 'Safram' and 'Team 21' of Mikael Wallenberg SWE. The results (PDF).
Today at 11 a.m. CET, the start to the Lake Neuch√Ętel Bol d'Or will be given, a race not only for the M2, but everybody. During the afternoon, some thunderstorm fronts may pass, and an interesting race is garanteed. The event-website.
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M2-Catamarans - Saffram Speed Tour 2011 - GP E-Gestion - CV Grandson

Friday, 13. May 2011– Sunday, 15. May 2011


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